July 3, 2017

Dr Mercola and Power Plate, 7 revealing questions Dr Mercola and “Power Plate scientists” refuse to answer.

Recently Whole Body Vibration has been given a lot of exposure thanks to a well known natural health advocate Dr Joseph Mercola and his endorsement of Power Plate equipment. According to statistics provided by Alexa.com, Dr Mercola’s website mercola.com is ranked number 1 for natural health sites on the internet and number 3 for health websites in general.  Additionally, mercola.com boasts a newsletter database of over 1.5 million people. It is great to see Whole Body Vibration portrayed in a positive light and given so much exposure by an influential figure such as Dr Mercola. Reviewing Dr Mercola’s comments on Whole Body Vibration over the last few years gives us some insight into his endorsement of Whole Body Vibration and subsequent sales of Power Plate. [Read more…]

Lip Oedema and Vibration Training

A member asks a question…..

I am a 38 year old female, being diagnosed lip oedema last year. This is a disease that causes fat to get stuck locally, especially in the legs and for some also in the arms. This disease is not to be confused with lymph oedema, which is a disease of the lymphatic system. However lip oedema can evolve into lymph oedema if not treated. Unfotunately the only treatment for lip oedema seems to be pressure or liposuction. [Read more…]

Turning a New Leaf at VibrationTraining.net

As you already have noticed, there have been some significant changes at VibrationTraining.net.  I thought it would be a good idea to start off with a brief introduction of myself and some ideas about where I would like to see this website go in the future.  Some of you have already commented on the look of the site.  A stodgy,  more conservative look was chosen for a reason.  The subject matter of this website is very serious, and to be taken serious it is helpful to have a website that looks more conservative, even if it is boring.  What we want is for the information, the articles, the content, the comments, to take center stage, and a boring design doesn’t distract attention from that. [Read more…]

Vibration Training: A Beginner’s Experience

Vibration TrainingWhen I came on board as one of the managers of vibrationtraining.net, I never heard of whole body vibration. The only thing in my schemata that I could relate it to was the old belt vibrating device my cousin’s mother had in the 1980’S.

As I began to work on the site, editing posts and reviewing comments, my curiosity was really peaked as I learned more and more about VT. On a side note, vibration training was also recommended by my doctor after he diagnosed me with a kidney stone.

Just over a month ago I decided to give it a go. I was still a bit skeptical that I could get a good workout on such a device for such a short amount of time. I wasn’t out of shape and have been using free weights for many years as part of my fitness routine. [Read more…]

Glossary of WBV Terms

A new feature has been added to the site: A Whole Body Vibration Glossary of Terms (in the right sidebar).

Any additions should be added to the comments on the Glossary page.

List of Vibration Training Resources

We are putting together a comprehensive list of vendors and manufacturers of vibration training platforms.

If you have any additions, corrections, or deletions please add a comment below or contact us.