July 8, 2017

Vibration Training and Fat Loss: Is Cardio Necessary?

As a Vibration Training studio owner, I have become quite familiar with the question, “I still need to do cardio right?”  This question, often asked with the intention of maximizing fat loss rather than any concern over cardiovascular health, is falsely based on the idea that exercise can be simply broken down into one of two categories, aerobic (“cardio”) or anaerobic (Vibration Training in this case). It is a question that exemplifies how little most people know about the science of exercise as it pertains to fat loss, and the incredibly brilliant yet complex metabolic pathways by which it is maximized. [Read more…]

Acceleration, Gravity and Vibration Training – Sorting It All Out

Anyone that has read through the posts and/or articles on this site will notice the emphasis that has been placed on the ACCELERATION output of a given Vibration Platform. While there are some other variables that need to be considered such as the frequency used to achieve higher levels of platform acceleration, the primary purpose of this article is to more clearly describe:

– What acceleration output is when it comes to vibration training.
– How the principle of acceleration relates to the force of gravity.
– How the force of gravity acts on us and influences our body.
– How increasing gravity with WBV safely strengthens our body.

With a thorough understanding of the above concepts, you will better comprehend [Read more…]

Scare Tactics: Preying on the Inexperienced Consumer

As someone who uses Vibration Training technology in both a Physiotherapy clinic with patients and a Vibration Training studio with fitness/wellness clients, I have a preference for Pivotal technology. The reasons for this are the subject of an entirely different article and let me make it clear that it is not my intention with this article to engage in a lineal vs pivotal debate. In fact, I believe that they both have a solid role to play in the growth of the industry.

What I hope to do here is address the rising number of scare tactics being used to dissuade individuals from purchasing a pivotal vibration platform. Often just desperate attempts by shady salesman to deceive inexperienced and often desperate individuals, it has become equally amusing and concerning to observe the increasing lengths these people are going to in order to make a sale. [Read more…]

Dispelling Some Myths About Vibration Training

Recently, on this forum, an individual named Dave posted a series of comments related to the subject of Vibration training. Mostly written from the point of view of someone new to the industry and holding quite a bit of skepticism towards it, these posts touched on many of the beliefs that, despite an enormous body of research contradicting them, still unfortunately exist. These beliefs, which continue to prevent many individuals in need from benefiting from Vibration Training, are not only inaccurate as they pertain to Vibration Training, but also to any form of fitness training or technology.

In this post, I hope to attempt to dispel these myths once and for all. This is by no means an attack on Dave, but rather an opportunity to answer his comments more thoroughly, and in doing so, better educate the consumer and visitors to this site.

Please keep in mind that much like some of the material written below may go against what you have believe. It is also likely that in the future, newer ideas will be proposed, some of which may invalidate those contained here. This is nothing more than the process of evolution; the same process in which Vibration Training is currently playing a major role. [Read more…]

The Effect Of Platform Mass

The Claim: A vibration platform with greater mass applies more force to a user, than a vibration platform with less mass.

To support this claim the following is an analogy used:

“I throw the volleyball to you and you catch it. Sounds simple enough, but we all know from experience this is not hard work, for either of us. If I throw it to you 100 times you might start feeling it, but in no way would you describe this as a “workout”. So how do I challenge your body and make it work harder. Extending the distance between us will not change much, so we know Amplitude is not the key, and throwing it more just takes up time. The perfect scenario would be to make the workout harder but shorter, right ?.

The simple solution …… Change the ball to a medicine ball.

The increase in mass of the ball immediately increases your workload considerably, in each throw.”

In this article we will show you why this analogy is flawed, we will explain why the mass of a WBV platform is independent of the force applied to the user (provided the acceleration applied is equal), and we will explain what might be the difference between a heavy platform and a light platform. [Read more…]

WBV Exercise: To Move or Not

WBV ExerciseWBV Exercise: To Move or Not

Scientific research on whole body vibration unquestionably demonstrates significant benefits in terms of strength, flexibility, balance, bone density, blood flow and others.  Whilst simply standing on a machine and turning it on may produce some benefit, more can be gained by fine tuning the input.   Fortunately the research is slowly moving towards exploring the variables available to whole body vibration users to discover what we need to do to get the greatest benefit.  How can we tweak the frequency of the vibrations, the amplitude of the movement and the time spent exercising to get the greatest benefits?  What positions are best and should we move on the platform or be stationary? [Read more…]