July 3, 2017

Product Review: ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine

ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training MachineWhen you exercise, you want to be sure that your workout it going to lead to optimal results. One option that has been out on the market a while is the ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine. This training machine is designed to help you maximize your workout so that you can build muscle mass quickly and burn away that pesky fat. Below is a thorough overview of the product so you can make the best decision for your workout needs.

ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine Product Overview

The ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine is one of the latest ways to get a good workout done. The science behind this vibration machine is that as you work out, the vibrations cause your body to feel as if it is falling. When you trick your body to think it is falling, the muscles begin to contract rapidly. These contractions lead to greater flexibility, increased circulation, muscle strength, core stability, and your muscles are also able to recover faster than usual. This particular machine causes your muscles to contract up to 45 times per second.


When you choose a training product, you want to be sure that the product has the advantages that you are looking for. Below are the main advantages of the ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine so your workout expectations can be met.


As you work out, the training machine sends vibrations throughout your entire body. The muscles then begin to contract at 45 times per second, ensuring that your workout provides you with optimal results. You can adjust the vibration intensity to 25-, 30-, and 35- hertz. Your workout can also be enhanced by the machine’s innovative treadmill design. Through the design, you work out becomes challenging and enjoyable.

Ease of Use

The second advantage is that this training machine is especially easy to use. The foot controls are easy to handle, the platform surface is slip resistant, and the uni-grip handles have a stabilizing function so that you don’t need to worry about accidents occurring. The machine also has an 8 MB SD memory card so the machine can recall your past workout and performance. This feature makes it an extremely convenient training machine to use.

Additional Components

There is nothing like buying a product and getting additional components. When you purchase this training machine, you’ll find that an easily adjustable 30 pound weight set is included. The front of the machine has an area where you can place these weights so you don’t need to waste space around your home. In addition, the machine also comes with a workout DVD so you can learn about ways to customize your workout for great results.


While the product dimensions are 31 x 35 x 48, you don’t need to worry about wasted space in your home. The training machine also features a fold away space saver so that you can place it nearly anywhere. It weighs 139 pounds, so it can also be moved when you need to place it elsewhere.


Overall, this product is highly recommended for individuals that are looking for an innovative and effective way to workout. The added vibrations to your workout are fantastic for great results. In addition, the ease-of-use, the stability features, and the workout DVD can ensure that you are conducting the workout in a safe and useful manner. Considering the product’s features and what you get with this product, the price is also very good coming in at less than $600 on Amazon.

How to Properly Select a Platform – Part II

Basics of Vibration Training: Platform Types

We could categorize vibration training technology into two main categories:

• Pivotal

• Lineal

Some refer to a 3rd category, triplanar, however the majority of triplanar platform movement occurs via a uniform motion on the vertical axis and therefore falls under the category of Lineal. This lack of distinction is further supported by the fact that the majority of Lineal platforms, being incapable of delivering movement purely on the vertical axis, also have a 3D component. Lastly, worth consideration, is that some sources claim that 3D vibration is nothing more than a marketing term used to disguise a poorly manufactured platform that cannot control its vertical movement and thus moves excessively in the horizontal planes. With all this in mind, below you’ll find a diagram of the two primary platform types that we will discuss and the typical frequency and displacement ranges for each. Also take note of the other common terms often used to describe each method.

Pivotal: Triangular Oscillating, Oscillating, Side Alternating, Rotational, Tilting, Teeter-Totter.

Lineal: Vertical, Synchronous, Uniform, Piston, Flat, 3D, Elliptical, Triplanar
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How to Properly Select a Platform: Part I

Let’s begin the first part of this article by stating that all vibration platforms on the market have some, albeit limited in many cases, health value. It’s not about pivotal, lineal, sonic, triplanar etc., they all are capable of helping people improve their level of health. As will be discussed later however, some platforms have evidenced through research that they can provide these benefits. Other respectable manufacturers, having not enough research behind them yet, offer quality construction and superior engineering (as demonstrated by proper engineering tests performed on their platforms) to support their technology’s capabilities. These manufacturers, with time, will all likely demonstrate their efficacy through research. For the most part however, the majority of manufacturers simply choose to avoid making an effort. Instead, they resort to “piggybacking” on these other companies’ time and effort. These manufacturers, chasing the almighty dollar, make false claims and sell inferior equipment to the unknowing consumer. The majority of this equipment, often sold for “affordable” prices (and often made for pennies), is the primary factor behind the unfortunate slow growth of, and the increased skepticism held by others towards, the Vibration Training industry.
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The Price You Pay: Crazy Fit Massage

As part of our on going quest to help you, the consumer make wise decisions concerning the purchase of a Vibration Training platform, we wanted to disclose some information about the Crazy Fit Massage, which is a machine that we receive many inquiries about. [Read more…]

What is Power Plate’s Acceleration Training?

Just over two years ago Power Plate began to call their new machines “Acceleration Trainers”.

Now they have trademarked the term “Acceleration Training” for exclusive use in their marketing around the world and especially in North America. [Read more…]

Warning to Home Users: Here’s How You Are Getting Cheated

crazyfit width=Here is a PDF copy of an actual wholesale order form for a “Vibrating Massager”. Look carefully at the price: 125 US Dollars per item.

I’ve shown the picture from the order form. [Read more…]

SoloFlex: Weight Loss Claims Untrue

soloflexUS independent consumer testing magazine Consumer Reports took the SoloFlex for a test drive and was not impressed.

Take a pass. There was no significant increase in calories burned when standing on the vibrating board. Most users who did more than stand said the WBV didn’t enhance their workout. Some panelists said the board was too small–a few actually fell off. Some also complained of headaches, blurry vision, or back pain

How They Tested

Six people stood on the device for 5 minutes, at medium and high vibration, while a metabolic gas analyzer gauged the calories they burned (our measure of “a good workout”). Six other people performed three Pilates sessions on the board, two with vibration and one without. And we had three experts in the science of human movement assess the studies Soloflex cites to support its claims.

The Response From SoloFlex

Soloflex does not make weight-loss claims for our WBV Platform nor do we suggest that it replace regular exercise except for those who cannot exercise because of physical limitations. […]

It takes weeks to see the benefits of any type of exercise program. Consumer Reports magazine should do their homework before publishing such nonsense. Supermarket tabloid reporting may be good for increasing circulation for magazines that do not accept advertising but it does not serve consumers. (source)

Reality Check
Spending 5 minutes to test a piece of fitness equipment is pathetic. It’s a bit like doing a set of dumbbell arm curls, then immediately testing for a strength increase… because there is no apparent gain the dumbbells must not work.

On the flip side – and WBV marketing literature that claims instant weight loss benefits is foolish and misleading. The same must surely be said for cardiovascular gains.

SoloFlex claims their vibrating board will “enhance Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga and all types of stretching, freebody exercises and weight training” – which is so vague as to be almost meaningless.