July 8, 2017

Vibration Training: Glossary of Terms

There are a number of terms used in discussion of whole body vibration that need to be clearly defined.

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3-D (3 Dimensional)
This means the plate moves in 3 directions during the vibration. Up and down, side to side, and front to back.

How high the platform moves during it is vibrating.

Commercial Unit
A commercial unit is designed as a projected income for a high end-use studio or gym. Should be serviceable for a period of 10 years+. Should have no feasible weight restrictions.

A list of reasons why you cannot use a particular unit. Note: One list may not apply to all machines. Some are safer.

Domestic Unit
Home unit designed for personal use. Depending on quality may or may not be used for weight loss.

This is moving (eg. jumping, moving push-up etc… ) while the machine is running.

Frequency (Fq)
How fast the platform moves while it is vibrating. Measured in Hertz (Hz).

This is dictated by the speed of the platform during its upward movement in the vibration. For example; when someone is put in a rocket and fired towards space – gravity is still trying to pull you back. But because you are moving in the opposite direction to gravity you become temporarily “heavy”. In Vibration Training terms this would be one indication of how hard your muscles need to work to stay in a given position.

ISO 2631
This is an industry term used to relate safe exposure to vibrations in humans. These ongoing studies mainly revolve around occupational and workplace exposure (e.g. truck drivers, road works, construction workers etc.). However the research will and should be taken into account for voluntary exposure such as Vibration Training.

kN (Kilonewton)
This is a measurement of force in the vibration. Dictated to by the mass X speed of the platform.

A solid platform that moves straight up and down, all across the surface at the same time.

A platform that tilts from side to side – so one foot goes up while the other goes down.

Professional (Pro) Unit
Unit designed for professional practices like Physiotherapists or small gyms. May also be used in studios but will have a limited lifespan and because of cost may have weight restrictions.

This is holding a pose in a position without moving while the machine is running.

Vibration Therapy (Purpose Built Machine)
Using Kinetic Vibration to cause movement and circulation in tissue, with the aim to assist in stretching, breaking down of scar tissue , or a healing process.

Vibration Training (Purpose Built Machine)
Using Kinetic Vibration as a form of maintaining a base fitness level, weight loss or performance enhancement.